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Interview with Ben Allison

April 19, 2018

Interview with Klaxton re: Ben Allison Collab

April 27, 2018

Frank Carlberg + OURBIGBAND: Monk Dreams, Hallucinations, and Nightmares Concert Review

October 27, 2017

Ourbigband + Dave Douglas!

Interview with Dave Douglas re: Ourbigband performance Oct 2016

Greenleaf Interview with OBB's Chris Klaxton

Interview with Chris re: Dave Douglas collaboration

Interview with Matt Ulery re: OBB collaboration

An excellent interview from Matt Ulery, OBB Collab March 2017

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     Chris Klaxton's OURBIGBAND grabbed my attention from the first time I saw them - they're equal parts adventurous, creative, and crisp, and above all they operate with the utmost musicality and feeling. Like all great jazz artists, they have both a reverence for the past (as demonstrated by their fantastic Wayne Shorter program) and an eagerness to experiment and subvert traditional forms (as seen in originals compositions from multiple members of the crew).

     It's no small feat to organize, rehearse, and direct a big band ensemble, especially in this day and age, and it's rare to see one that is as fun and engaging as this one. I'm looking forward to seeing Chris and OURBIGBAND continue to break musical ground in the future - do not miss this group if you have a chance to see them!"  


- Sam Renshaw, Vice President A&R - PARMA Recordings 

     OURBIGBAND isn't an ordinary, run of the mill type of act. Sure, they study the charts. They do the research and understand the historical significance that is big band music. They stay true to the art form with respect to the fact that they're striving to celebrate those that came before. But what differentiates OURBIGBAND from that big band is the contemporary appeal they pull in to their studies and let shine through their horns. It's 2015. With a little dusting, and a touch of flair, OURBIGBAND is bridging gaps and tastefully reimagining a genre that really mattered, and will matter again in the lineage of American music. Don't let 'em pass you by... This music is swingin', and the swingin' is good.


     - Christopher Hislop, Portsmouth Herald


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